Welcome to College Life

What is College Life?

College Life is the campus ministry of  First Baptist Church of Davis and our mission is to help spiritual investigators to be reconciled to God, help believers to be restored in the image of God and to reflect the Kingdom of God into the world. Reconciliation. Restoration. Reflection. 

Who is College Life For?

College Life exists for two kinds of students: Christians and spiritual investigators who are interested in investigating Christianity in the company of Christians.

We hope to give people three experiences in every Tuesday night large group gathering:

  • An experience of God’s presence in musical praise led by a tight worship band
  • An experience of God’s truth in a compelling talk
  • And an experience of God’s love in community.

Where and When does College Life meet?

During the academic year, College Life meets Tuesday Nights from 8-9:30 pm in Kleiber 3 on the UC Davis campus.

College Ministry Staff:

  • College Pastor: Dan Seitz (dseitz@fbcdavis.org)
  • College Director: Laeya Kaufman (lkaufman@fbcdavis.org)
  • Intern: Casey Temple (ctemple@fbcdavis.org)
  • Intern: Peter Nittler (pnittler@fbcdavis.org)